Father did everything he could to make sure his son wouldn’t be shy…

When Derek Prue Sr., a resident of Canada, observed that his child was reluctant to shoot a t-shirt in the pool, he made the courageous and loving decision to support his son, Derek Jr. Derek Prue Sr. is a resident of Canada.

He observed that his child had begun to hide his birthmark, which was something that he was proud of, and he wanted to show his son that he was not alone in feeling the way that he did.

In order to help his son feel less self-conscious about his birthmark, dad chose to get the identical design tattooed on his own body.

The father went to Juicy Quill Tattoo with the assumption that the tattoo session would last a few hours; nonetheless, it took a total of thirty hours to complete the tattoo, with the initial session taking roughly four hours of that total.

Derek Sr. was determined to show his son that he was not alone and that he was proud of his birthmark, despite the fact that doing so would cause him pain and require a significant amount of time.

When Derek Sr. and his family got back to the pool, Derek Sr. took off his t-shirt to show his son the tattoo he had gotten, which was an exact copy of his son’s birthmark.

The youngster couldn’t believe it when he saw that his father had done this for him and he couldn’t contain his joy.

The young kid also decided to remove his t-shirt in order to examine his birthmark in comparison to his father’s tattoo. As a result, he felt a great deal more assured and was no longer self-conscious about his birthmark.

Derek Jr. now has a higher self-esteem and is less self-conscious about his birthmark as a result of his father’s taunting him in the tattoo parlor. The ordeal was well worth it.

The unconditional love and support provided by the father have played a key role in elevating the son’s sense of self-esteem and self-worth.

This is a profound illustration of the love a father has for his child and the extent he is willing to go to ensure the health and happiness of his offspring.

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