Kim Kardashian’s grandmother looks like this: Her 88th birthday was just a few weeks ago.․․

Kim, a reality TV personality, model, and successful entrepreneur who is 41 years old, recently shared a photo on her Instagram account that featured her mother and grandmother.

MJ Jenner is currently in her 80s, while her daughter Kris Jenner is nearly 66 years old.

After Kris uploaded images of her mother on her birthday, nobody knew the woman’s actual age until that point.

She said that during the summer, his MJ turned into 88. Since the early 2000s, the reality TV grandma has been a charming and well-known figure in popular culture.

The 66-year-old woman was in charge of planning the birthday party and sending heartfelt birthday greetings to her mother.

She praised God for blessing her with such a wonderful and compassionate mother.

She praised her for all of the wonderful memories that the two of them had created together over the years.

In the same vein, she stated in her request that her hero mother is still her most trusted confidante and that she had a gorgeous soul.

The life of Grandma Kardashian has been filled with celebrity and accomplishments.

She has worked in a variety of capacities, including as a model, a professor, and a businesswoman.

And now it is time for her to take some time off to relax and enjoy her life with her children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren at her side.

What an incredible woman!

The fans of Kim who use Instagram remarked on her images.

They wrote that she still looked gorgeous despite the fact that she was getting older.

“Looks wonderful and fantastic,” “Kim, your granny looks so amazingly young,” and other similar compliments.

A great number of people were drawn to her because of her stunning appearance and the incredible charisma she possesses despite her advanced age.

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