The woman who gave food to a beggar found out that the man was Richard Gere… But this is not the end…

You are sure to have many laugh out loud moments as a result of this sensitive and hilarious event.

Karine Gombeau, a French woman, was out and about in New York City one day when a mysterious man approached her.

Instantaneously, she became aware of a man who was strolling along side the trash cans.

She speculated that he has a once housed old person who is now without a home and would go there in quest of meals.

Soon after, she hurriedly made her way to the closest market, where she purchased a pizza and then delivered the bag to him.

When she read the newspaper the following morning, she finally put two and two together and realized that the “homeless man” was actually Richard Gere.

She couldn’t help but chuckle at herself after realizing that she had mistaken the famous actor for a beggar.

Karine said that there were a far greater number of people begging for alms than in France; hence, that particular individual left the greatest impression on her.

Therefore, she didn’t give it much thought before making the decision to assist him.

Because Karine had a limited understanding of English, she was unable to comprehend what the men were trying to communicate with her.

She only handed over the box while wishing the recipients a pleasant day and then she went.

On the other hand, it turned out that the actors were in the middle of filming on the street at the time, and they were completely unprepared for what happened.

The woman’s action left a significant impact on the group; they were really moved by it.

In addition to this, there were paparazzi following them about constantly, taking several photographs that were published in newspapers.

Karine was told that it was just filming and that Gere simply didn’t like changing his clothes during the breaks in production.

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