Olympic champion knits cute dog sweaters in the stands during a diving competition…

An athlete from the United Kingdom named Tom Daley was awarded a gold medal for his outstanding performance in synchronized diving.

However, this was not the final occasion on which he captured the attention of people all around the world.

This time, the athlete was lauded for a particularly kind effort that involved crocheting clothes for animals, specifically dogs.

Tom has recently taken up this hobby. The individual was able to introduce other people to the things that he is interested in thanks to the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo.

Knitting is a relatively new passion for Daley, as evidenced by the fact that he only started doing it a little over a year ago, as stated by Daley.

After observing the skill with which he crochets, we are confident in asserting that he possesses the same level of proficiency in knitting as he does in diving.

The golden athlete claims that knitting has been of great assistance to him throughout the Olympic competition.

After some time, the man explained on Instagram who the knitted clothing were intended for. He uploaded a picture to the post of his friend’s dog wearing some of the clothes that he had sewn himself.

In addition to that, he stated that he had already begun working on another one.

I can’t help but wonder which dog will be the lucky recipient of the next set of handmade clothes from an Olympic gold medalist.

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