The girl was the dream of a big family, and when she was born, the family finally got the member they had been waiting for the most… But then this happened…

The fact that the Shvandt family in Michigan has 14 sons makes them a truly remarkable family.

The fact that the mother solely gives birth to male offspring is something that Mr. and Mrs. Shvandt, the parents, have been accustomed to.

Because they had such a huge number of sons, they are usually featured in articles that are published in the local news due to this fact.

The couple has dealt with this by making jokes about it and even naming their youngest son Shiboyegen, which means “she is again a boy.”

This is a reference to an Indian procedure that was intended to assure the delivery of a girl, but in the event that it failed, the shaman would recite “boy again.”

Maggie, the youngest child in their family, was born 28 years after her older sibling. However, their family was eventually blessed with a daughter.

The mother, Taylor, admitted that the huge number of youngsters living in the house may make things quite hectic at times, but she has high hopes that Maggie will be able to bring some semblance of order to their day-to-day activities.

The Shvandt family is a loving and unique family that have learnt to accept the unexpected and find happiness in the chaos of life. This is despite the peculiar circumstances that the family has been placed in.

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