Selena Gomez looks 20 years older now… See how she changed over the years…

On the red carpet, Gomez, who had put on a significant amount of weight, was hardly recognized by her fans.

A number of years ago, S. Gomez was widely recognized as the most famous and in-demand vocalist in the entire globe due to her incredible talent and level of success in the music industry.

Over the course of time, the singer’s popularity has declined to the point where some people can hardly even remember who she is.

Her dazzling performances in musicals and on television have been completely erased, and her most recent appearance on the red carpet has left everyone completely dumbfounded.

Many others were quick to point out that despite being 30 years old, she seemed to be 50.

The issue at hand is that the well-known performer has put on a significant amount of weight, has become fairly chubby, and now looks completely different than before.

The renowned artist opted to wear a full-length black dress with a neckline that exposed only a small portion of her most intimate areas.

The unfortunate choice of big sleeves, according to the comments made by internet users, gave the impression that the singer was even more overweight and detracted from her appeal.

On the other hand, it’s possible that all of these shifts are directly related to the rare condition known as systemic lupus erythematosus, which she has.

According to reputable sources, the iconic singer has been putting on weight as a direct effect of the hormonal medications that she has been taking.

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