You won’t believe it when you see which actor has gained the title «the most handsome man» according to golden ratio theory…

Are you prepared to meet Rege-Jean, the man who possesses the most alluring appearance of any human being on the planet?

Introduce yourself to Rege-Jean Page, who, according to the most recent findings of scientific research, has been given the honorary distinction of “the world’s most gorgeous guy.”

The handsome man is a well-known actor, but his most notable performance was as the Duke of Hastings in the drama that can be found on Netflix.

Investigations conducted by scientists have revealed that the extremely skilled actor boasts the most alluring appearance of any human being on the planet.

He triumphed over his fellow British actors to take home the award that was rightfully his.

The plastic surgeon Julian de Silva and the proponents of the golden ratio theory believe that Rege-Jean was successful in achieving his goal of winning the title.

In addition to this, the idea enables people to determine whether or not a certain person has had plastic surgery by analyzing their facial features.

The final findings of the calculations indicate that the face of the man coincides for 93 percent of the time.

As a consequence of this, people now have the ability to judge how closely the face of another person matches an idealized version of that face.

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