Connor from «Terminator» with a huge belly and massy hair… You won’t believe it when you see how he changed over the years…

The fans refused to accept the fact that the character John Connor from the film “Terminator” was being depicted.

The phenomenally gifted actor E. Furlong, who is most known for his iconic performance as John Connor in the film “Terminator,” found his way to prominence by complete and utter happenstance.

As he was strolling down the street, he came into a representative who was quick to make him an offer for a fantastic part.

At first, Edwards appeared on our television screens, and the popularity of the picture as well as his natural aptitude and superb acting talents earned him not only widespread fame but also financial riches.

Even so, he confessed that the only reason he received money for offers was because of financial need.

During the course of his career, the young actor struggled to deal with the entire celebrity that came with his success, and as a result, he became involved with both drink and illegal drugs.

He stopped taking care of his health, and in these more recent paparazzi pictures, there is absolutely no evidence of John Connor to be found anywhere.

Obviously, he has attempted to break free from his addiction, but he has not been successful in doing so as of yet.

Now that he is 45 years old, the former movie star is completely unrecognizable. He wears a white shirt, a jacket that barely covers his enormous belly, and his hair is extremely thick.

In addition to this, the star of “Terminator” had grown very long hair and appeared to have a disheveled appearance as a result. His dark circles beneath his eyes were also enormous.

Have you seen the movie “Terminator?” If so, how easy was it for you to recognize John Connor? Are you a supporter of this performer?

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