The Got Talent winner, who performs the wonderful “Unchained Melody” will surprise you by…

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Mart Hoegkamer is a Dutch singer who competed in the eighth season of “Holland’s Got Talent.” As a result of his participation in the competition, he was able to achieve big and numerous successes.

In spite of the fact that he came in second place, he was able to acquire a record deal with Sony Music, which was essential in assisting him in becoming a well-known star.

During this performance, Mart was able to deliver an unforgettable cover of The Isley Brothers’ “Unchained Melody” with the same level of fervor and strength as the original.

The combination of his black suit, white collared shirt, and white tennis shoes gives him an elegant appearance.

As he began his speech, he ascended to a height of around 20 feet over the podium. He had supporting singers, guitars, keyboards, and drums accompanying him during his performance.

The arena was illuminated by dazzling light shows and an assortment of smoke machines.

On the stage, behind him, a number of shining letters spelled out his name, “MARCH,” in large, bold characters. The throng kept singing and chanting along to the familiar melody of the song.

The only thing that could be seen of the couples was them dancing together, clearly in love.

Despite the fact that he is still young, Mart has already competed in a great number of competitions over a long period of time.

When he was a child, he participated in the “Kids Sing With Stars” competition for the first time, and he ended up finishing in second place.

The well-known musician from the Netherlands has quickened the pace of his rise to fame. During this performance, his talent and theatrical presence are on full display for all to see.

The audience cheers and applauds in particular when he achieves his most recent and highest score, which causes them to do so.

Watch the video…

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