The first Hollywood beauty grew older and it seems like she is not taken care of…

The actress who starred in the films “Dynasty” and “Melrose Place” was once considered to be one of the most desirable and beautiful women in all of Hollywood.

Perfect facial characteristics that made Heather Locklear easily recognizable, lively, and even distinctive in appearance.

The stunning woman had a sizable fan base, and it was impossible for her to evade the ardent admirers who were pleading with her to sign their books.

The wealthy blonde’s head was turned by the fame that was bestowed upon her. Along with the star’s illness came a rise in the number of work gaps.

After producers decided not to cast Locklear in any new projects, the actress found herself in a position where she was unable to find work.

Heather’s precipitous fall from celebrity to obscurity had a profound impact on her, and as a direct result, she began abusing alcoholic beverages and other substances.

If the actress is seen walking down the street, it may give the impression that she is unkempt and unclean.

Locklear’s problems were instantly brought to light by her presence. The once-beautiful woman’s face started to sag, she got deep wrinkles, and her contour started to swim as she aged.

The lead actor in the series is 61 years old at the moment. In spite of Heather’s best efforts over the past few years to take better care of herself, the fact that she still engages in activities that are detrimental to her health has not been able to be concealed.

The actress has gone through a significant amount of work to transform her appearance. Despite this, Locklear was able to get his career back on track because he made the decision to abstain from drinking alcohol and using illegal drugs, even though it was in low-budget, subpar television programs.

The star of “Dynasty” was thus caught on camera as she was out shopping. The well-known actor from Hollywood wore a black cap, a white T-shirt, and long shorts that were pulled very tight.

Even though Locklear is quite a bit older now, she has endured substantial changes to her figure and yet manages to look very attractive.

The actress also remembered to apply her makeup, donning a black kajal over her eyes.

However, this attempt at makeup ended up being so poor that all it did was draw attention to the wrinkles and puffiness that Heather already had around her eyelids.

When fans saw this picture, they were astonished and couldn’t believe what they were seeing!

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