At the age of just 4, these Siamese twins were split apart… Now they are 20 and here is how they look! They look so sweet…

In February of 2002, Kendra and Malia Herrin were brought into the world by their parents, Jake and Erin. The birth of these twin Siamese children provoked a variety of responses from those who witnessed it.

Even though they were overjoyed to be welcomed into the family, the new parents couldn’t help but worry about their well-being. Kendra and Malia lived together in the same house up until Malia became 4 years old.

The twins were immediately and decisively split up by their parents so that each of the children might have the opportunity to develop their own sense of autonomy.

Due to the fact that Malia and Kendra only possessed two legs each, each of them could only control one of them. The girls were able to move around and play once they learned how to collaborate with one another, which was necessary before they could do either.

In 2006, a group of thirty-one specialists was able to surgically separate the Siamese twins.

They took more than a day to complete, and the entire affair drew a lot of attention from the media, including coverage on television. As a result, Kendra and Malia became like mini-celebrities.

When the girls were four years old, they were split up into two groups. That moment signified the beginning of each of their individual independence.

Even though it was against their will, they had little choice but to quickly adjust to a new way of life. After only three years, the sisters started going to school on a part-time basis in addition to continuing their education at home.

The artistic abilities of the sisters continued to improve. In their room, kids might draw for hours while singing along to their favorite song or playing their favorite video game.

Kendra and Malia have often demonstrated to their contemporaries that there is always reason for optimism, even in the darkest of situations.

As a consequence of this, they were held in high esteem throughout the institution, and their fellow students made every attempt to assist them in any way that they could.

At this point, the girls are twenty years old. Both Malia and Kendra now have happy and successful lives. Even though they occasionally reside in quite different places, they nevertheless choose to be in close proximity to one another whenever possible.

The girls are seasoned motorists now that they are in possession of their driver’s licenses. The two sisters regularly share noteworthy experiences from their lives on their respective YouTube channels and other social media sites.

The whereabouts of the twins are constantly monitored by thousands of individuals. The mother of Siamese twins Kelly and Carter is a friend of the Herrin sisters. Kelly and Carter are friends with the Herrin sisters.

They are able to offer her sound advice and provide her daughters with as much assistance as they can manage as a result of their vast experience working in environments comparable to hers.

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