This sad grandfather sent his daughter a message after she excluded her gay son from the family… And then…

A grandfather once penned an emotional letter to his daughter after the latter disowned his son and cast him out of the family because of his homosexual orientation just a few short years earlier.

Because of the letter’s importance, it was shared across various social media platforms quite regularly.

The letter has garnered a lot of compliments from individuals because of how well it is written.

Both the message and the point that this grandpa was trying to make are evergreen.

According to Gawker, the letter was said to have been published for the first time on the FCKH8 Facebook page.

A spokesman for the company indicated that Chad, the 16-year-old youth who was referenced in the letter, was the one who handed the letter to the individual.

A letter is written by the grandfather in response to the words made by the writer’s daughter Christine, who called her father’s son “an abomination” and “a disgrace to the family.”

Because she did not raise him in a homosexual orientation, she is just as shocked to learn that he is gay.

The following is how the letter reads after being translated: “Dear Christine,

It’s unfortunate that as your daughter you would do anything like that to me. You are correct that there is a scandal involving a member of the family, but you are wrong regarding whose member it involves.

The true “abomination” in this circumstance is the fact that Chad was removed from your family solely for the reason that he came out to you.

It makes you a “unnatural” parent if you turn your back on your child.

You have only ever imparted this one piece of wisdom upon me, and that is, “You did not nurture your son to be gay.”

It is obvious that I did not. He did not wish to be left-handed, despite the fact that he was born that way.

However, you are the one who made the choice to be rude, ignorant, and petty. In the event that we make the decision to relinquish parental responsibility for the children, I believe I will use this moment to bid you farewell.

Due to the fact that I am currently taking care of my incredible grandson, I do not have the time to spend with a cold-hearted girl.

You can give us a call as soon as you find your heart.

It is difficult to corroborate the account because the identity of the young man and his grandfather was never revealed to the general public.

However, this grandpa and his grandson were given a great deal of assistance.

There is a good reason why this uplifting message of encouragement, compassion, and hope has spread like wildfire over the internet.

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