She looked more attractive without cosmetic surgeries… See what she looked like before…

Blogger Nastya Pokrishchuk is well-known for having prominent cheekbones. She is 30 years old and is from Kyiv. Pokrishchuk blogs at Nastya Pokrishchuk.

For a good number of years, the young lady has been consulting with a variety of cosmetic specialists as well as plastic surgeons in an effort to realize her goal of experiencing a dramatic shift in her physical presentation.

The blogger does not like to showcase her appearance before the makeovers, however she does on occasion post pictures from her past.

The woman demonstrated herself as she appeared when she was 18 years old and mentioned that she did not like the way that she appeared at that time but that all has changed today.

There were a lot of people who agreed with her stance on this matter, but there were also a lot of people who were confused about why Nastya would stoop to anything so extreme for the goal of exposure.

«Why did you do that? I recall thinking to myself, “Beautiful transformations are possible, but not to such an extent!” when I saw you because you were so lovely.

The followers of the star expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation by uttering phrases such as “Alas and ah” and “The case when it was better earlier.”

What are your thoughts on the adjustments that she has made to her appearance?

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