This Chinese girl’s parents left her but now Vogue asks her to model for them… See what their parents did after knowing that…

Despite the fact that their albino daughter, the parents of a Chinese child made the decision to give her up for adoption rather than bring her up in their own home because they were embarrassed by her appearance.

Albinism caused the newborn child’s parents to reject her, but she went on to have a successful modeling career, proving that her unique appearance was something to be treasured rather than despised and that she should have been accepted because of it.

The albino newborn child’s parents rejected her because of her albinism.

The child Xueli Abbing, who was born with congenital albinism and presently lives in the Netherlands, was born in the Netherlands. Xueli Abbing currently resides in the Netherlands.

The folks who were meant to be her biological parents failed to provide her with any information regarding her birthdate and instead chose to withhold this information from her.

She has triumphed against difficulties to become a successful model and an advocate for other people who live with albinism, despite having a difficult childhood.

In the year 2019, Xueli Abbing went to the hospital to get an X-ray done on her hand in order to get a more precise reading of her age.

It was assumed by the doctors who were treating her at the time that she was somewhere between 13 and 15 years old.

When Xueli Abbing was somewhere in the vicinity of three years old, she was fortunate enough to be adopted by a European family hailing from the Netherlands.

She came out ahead as a result of this unexpected turn of events, which was quite fortunate for her.

Xueli Abbing was given an opportunity when she was 11 years old that allowed her to launch a career in the modeling profession.

Xueli Abbing began her modeling career at the age of 11. This was a surprising development for Xueli to find out about.

The woman who gave birth to Xueli made contact with a fashion designer in Hong Kong who was the mastermind of a movement known as Perfect Flaws. Xueli was named after the fashion designer.

Because of her participation in this campaign, Xueli was given the chance to begin her modeling career for the very first time, which was an incredible experience for her.

Since then, she has been well-known in the modeling industry and was included in the 2019 issue of the Italian Vogue magazine.

Xueli currently enjoys her career as a model and is confident that she is having a positive influence on the world by fighting the stereotypes that are linked with people who have albinism like herself. Xueli has albinism.

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