When performing Rise Up, young Angelica Hale displays her amazing voice and amazes everyone! But then…

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Angelica Hale, a vocalist who is nine years old and has stated that she wants to “be the next Whitney Houston,” likewise rendered the judges dumbfounded with her performance.

She added, “I want to be a superstar,” and the four judges immediately predicted that she would achieve exactly that after being astonished by the little girl’s astonishingly powerful voice as she sang “Rise Up” from Andra Day. The song was performed by Andra Day.

Angelica’s parents have stated that it is a miracle that their daughter is still alive to perform on stage given that she suffered from double pneumonia when she was four years old, which caused both of her kidneys to fail. Angelica’s parents believe that it is a miracle that their daughter is still alive.

“The situation was swiftly deteriorating into a catastrophe. According to her father, her mother has stated that they “thought we were going to lose her,” which is the reason why they brought in a priest to talk to us about it.

Backstage, Angelica gave her a hug and told her, “Mother gave me her kidney; she’s my hero,” after she had received a kidney transplant from her mother, which had saved her life. The donation had been the only thing that had kept Angelica alive.

His father believed that it was a miracle that he was still alive today.

As soon as she stepped onto the stage, she exclaimed with elation, “I’m nine years old, and I just found out recently that I’m going to be a big sister. It didn’t take long for my stunning grin to win over the judges.

Angelica is the living embodiment of the notion that one can accomplish everything they set their minds to. She faced great obstacles in order to fulfill her goals, and the fact that she was successful in doing so is an example for anyone who possesses both a passion and a goal.

The panel of judges reached a consensus, and host Tyra Banks congratulated the child’s parents by telling them, “You have a star in your hands.”

Watch the video…

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