Parents intended to have a girl, but ended up with six children instead… Can you guess the gender of the babies?

Despite the fact that my mother only gave birth three times in a hospital setting, the Waldrop family now has nine children.

Eric and Courtney became acquainted with one another throughout their time at the previous school.

Once they got married, they came to the conclusion that they wanted a large family.

They both had a deep love for children, and it was important to them that their house be a happy environment in which their offspring could run around and make silly noises.

Sailor was the first child to be born. Young people have quickly taken the decision to become parents for the second time.

This resulted in the addition of two more sons to the family in the form of Bridge and Wells.

Even though they couldn’t contain their happiness, the parents couldn’t help but wish for a daughter. After a hiatus of five years, the couple decided to try their luck at having another child.

Courtney Waldrop has been a mother to six children ever since she gave birth to them four years ago. She has three sons named Blue, Tag, and Lake, and three daughters named Rain, Rivers, and Rawlings.

Everything went off without a hitch. The fact that the family is large and warm-hearted, and that there are males and females in it, as the parents had hoped, is a dream come true.

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