A couple who had never met their neighbors learned that they are actually relatives… But see who are they…

In Los Angeles, the Kjetil and Zoe’s child who is now 10 years old lives with them.

Next-door neighbors The distance between Erik and Jen’s home and the home they share with their child is four residences.

The only thing said between the two families was a strange and non-formal greeting; they had never actually spoken to one another.

During the time that they were required to remain in quarantine, their group made preparations for an unplanned social-distance event.

During the course of their conversation, the Njotens and the Storms became aware that they truly had something in common with one another because of their well-established Norwegian background.

It’s interesting to note that Jen’s family comes from a Norwegian village that is only a few hours away from Kjetil’s birthplace and hometown.

They have never been successful in locating the enigmatic and secluded island that is believed to be the location of Erik’s family.

On the island, there are at most “a few dozen” residents at any given time.

What if we were all connected in some way? Wouldn’t that make things even crazier? Erik took note of this fact.

After that, the plot takes an interesting but unexpected detour. It’s heartening to see people reaching across the divide to make unanticipated connections with one another and create friendships.

It is impossible to predict who might be living next door.

Watch the video below…

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