Watch the most beautiful rendition of «Bohemian Rhapsody» ever given by this boy… You won’t believe it when you see how old is he….

Watch the video below…

Cole Lam, a British child pianist who is a prodigy at the age of 14, His rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody on the piano won him a legion of new fans across all of his social media platforms.

While he is enrolled in the “School of Rock,” he has already given performances on television, for the royal family, and on stage.

His most recent show, which took place at the Battersea Power Plant, has been gaining a lot of attention.

That was because Lam gave an incredible double performance of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody with a little child, who stunned him with his undiscovered potential. This was the reason why.

Zach, the little child, has reached the age of nine and uses the online handle @pianoserd to identify himself.

He is a naturally talented boy who is on track to become a piano prodigy in the future. Zach is just casually meandering through the shopping center when he stumbles across the public piano.

Cole is standing rather close to the piano at the time when Zach asks him if he would be interested in performing something on the instrument with him.

Naturally, he gives his unqualified assent to the small boy’s demand right away. Yet, Cole was initially taken aback by the youngster’s impressive level of talent when playing the piano.

The two of them are playing the amazing sounds of Bohemian Rhapsody on the piano, and people walking by are flocking to the area where they are performing as they do so.

A number of attendees have made the decision to capture the event with the cameras on their smartphones.

When the boy is playing one of the challenging piano pieces, Cole continues to offer him support and encouragement.

It’s strange because they’d never met before, and the piano duet hadn’t even been planned, but they were still able to play the notes so well together.

The fact that the little boy can play the piano so naturally well in front of other people displays his versatility as a musician.

Cole was blown away by the young man’s talent, and he is making preparations to meet him in the near future.

According to his point of view, this is one of the justifications for allowing public access to pianos.

Watch the video…

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