Nicola Peltz’s appearance prior to cosmetic surgery is so natural… See how she used to look…

Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham’s pairing is one of the couples that has received the most media coverage as a result of their public appearances together.

After reading about the young wife of David Beckham, many people were naturally surprised by the ways in which she had changed over the course of the preceding few years.

Pictures taken in the 2000s make it quite clear that Nikola’s nose utilized to be noticeably more prominent and noticeably longer than it is now.

The child had work done on her chin (it was reduced in size and made neater), the form of her eyes was modified to a “fox” shape similar to that of Bella Hadid, and Peltz increased the size of her lips in addition to the obvious rhinoplasty.

In addition, the shape of the face looks to have changed throughout the years, which is consistent with the notion that changes in appearance brought on by aging are possible.

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