This young kid developed a business plan and purchased an apartment after only eight months… See what was he doing…

Because of their mounting debt and ongoing financial struggles, Berenis and her three children, who made up the Pacheko family, were on the verge of being forced out of their house.

Berenis lost his job, and as a result, his family was forced to relocate to a barn with deplorable living conditions.

This was necessary since they were having difficulties making ends meet and paying the exorbitant rent for their apartment in Los Angeles.

Aaron, Berenis’s son and just eight years old, emerged as the unlikeliest of heroes in this potentially disastrous situation.

Aaron joked with his mother about starting his own company so he could buy his own toys.

The concept was initially dismissed by Berenis, but Aaron took it seriously.

Aaron bought eight succulent plants at a nearby market with just $12 in savings and later sold them for a meager $4 profit.

When Aaron’s sales soared, he began advertising his plants on Instagram and rapidly built up a sizeable following there.

Because of the auction and the success of his plant business, Aaron was able to generate $40,000 in just eight months.

The Pacheko family used this money toward the purchase of a house on the outskirts of the city so that they could have their own own space.

And as soon as a sufficient number of individuals were aware of Aaron’s entrepreneurial ambition, his company started to flourish.

Aaron, on the other hand, is not content to leave things at that.

He has big aspirations to keep growing his company and putting away even more money so that one day he can provide the best possible home for his family.

Not only did Aaron’s persistence and effort keep his family from being hungry, but they also contributed to his development into a model that other people may look up to.

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