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It is common knowledge that judge Simon Cowell is notorious for being one of the most harsh critics, regardless of the show he is appearing on.

He doesn’t hold back and isn’t afraid to share his thoughts and opinions with the contestants, despite the fact that doing so can offend them.

On the other hand, this is precisely why he is such an outstanding judge.

Because he never makes comments or gives compliments that are unwarranted, whenever he does so, you can be certain that what he says is genuine and sincere.

On “The X Factor UK,” Simon’s squad consisted of only six contestants when it came time for the 6 Chair Challenge.

There was a limit of six applicants that could compete for the open position. After the preliminary rounds of auditions, there was only one contender left, and he had already chosen his top six candidates.

The challenger would have to perform better than the previous finalists if they wanted to make it into the top six.

When Olivia Garcia, who was just sixteen years old at the time, entered the room where the audition was being held, she felt this kind of pressure.

Olivia’s voice wavered slightly as she introduced herself, which served as an indicator that she was noticeably anxious.

She was aware that she was the last one left, but that didn’t stop her from putting up a fight to the end. Olivia sang a cover of Paloma Faith’s “Change” during her audition.

As Olivia began to sing, Simon was being his usual self, full of skepticism and doubt. Her voice was shaking, but it didn’t take long for it to become louder than it had been before.

At approximately the midway point, Olivia seemed to find her voice and sing the song even louder than she had been doing up until that point.

As the audience started to applaud, it was obvious that the judges were pleased. Simon was aware that he was going to have to make a difficult choice.

She was moved to tears by the standing ovation that was given to the little performer by the audience. The judges had a lot of praise for her performance, and she received a lot of it.

Olivia was recommended by one of the judges, Nicole Scherzinger, to be one of the top six contestants chosen by Simon.

When it came Simon’s turn to speak, he remarked, «Right now, Olivia, you’re about to make my life very challenging since I have to give you a chair.» That was a wonderful example.

When Simon desperately tried to decide who should remain in his top six and who should be eliminated, the audience erupted in laughter and applause.

The six girls who were currently performing on stage felt fear. The other five girls breathed a sigh of relief when Simon finally assigned Olivia Seat 3, which had been the subject of much argument.

Although Olivia Garcia’s audition was tense, she persisted and it paid off. The final six shots Simon took were, in fact, his last.

Watch the video…

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