Baby listens to mother’s voice and enjoys massages from grandmother… But then the baby…

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At this point in the pregnancy, which is the 22nd week, more than half of the total time spent childbearing has already been completed.

The unborn kid is already fully formed while it is still in the mother’s womb, and throughout this stage of development, it is just preparing for a life outside of its mother’s body and continuing to grow.

It is important to keep in mind that a child begins to perceive sounds sometime between the ages of 12 and 16 weeks, and by day 22, he is responding to the voices of his parents.

Naturally, the first voice that an infant ever hears belongs to its mother.

Before a child’s auditory canals mature, the vibration of your voice, together with the pulse of your breathing and heartbeat, travels throughout your entire body.

This happens even before the child is able to hear. During the third and final trimester, he is already demonstrating a variety of responses and generating some conclusions based on the voices and sounds he hears.

You are free to rest now that you are aware that your child is able to clearly hear and identify the sounds of individuals who are always around them.

Because he is already accustomed to hearing his father’s voice, it is possible that he would want to hear a voice that is more aesthetically acceptable to him on a more personal level.

In response to a voice (or any other sound for that matter) that is excessively harsh or loud, the infant could experience strong jolts.

When youngsters hear the voices of their parents, they respond to the intonation of their parents’ voices and become calmer, which causes their heartbeat to return to normal.

This phenomenon has been verified by scientists. Hence, lower the volume of your voice and speak in an understated manner.

Watch the video…

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