These Siamese twins were separated as babies and here is what they look like at the age of 7…

The head-fused craniopagus twins Jadon and Anias McDonald attracted the attention of millions of people when they endured the most difficult 27-hour separation treatment in 2016.

The age difference between the boys was 13 months at the time. How do the contemporary Siamese twins feel about themselves and how much have they grown?

The month of September 2015 saw the arrival of siamese twins Jadon and Anias. It is inconceivable that what took place to them could have been anything else than a miraculous occurrence.

According to the statistics compiled by medical professionals, one third of the people who survive the initial attack will not make it past the first 24 hours, and approximately forty percent of the babies that are delivered will not survive.

It is already incredible that they were able to survive for a total of 13 months.

Nevertheless, in an even greater miracle, US medical personnel were able to separate the boys so that they could be treated individually. The operation took a total of 27 hours to complete.

It turned out that the portion of Jadon and Anias’ brains that were shared was significantly larger than the computer simulation had predicted, which led to some difficulties for the medical professionals at one point.

James Goodrich, a pediatric surgeon who performed operations on children, speculated that the children may have difficulty in the future learning to walk and other physical skills, although their ability to speak was unaffected by the procedures.

Christian, Jadon and Anias’s father, is certain that his sons have arrived at the optimal choice for their situation.

He thinks that providing children the opportunities to lead regular lives is the most beneficial thing that adults can do for future generations.

They will triumph no matter what obstacles they face thanks to our faith. It is clear that one of the Siamese twins is more dominating than the other.

In the case of the McDonald brothers, Jadon was “strong,” as his body was able to operate normally despite housing two people and ensured the second twin’s continued existence.

Despite the fact that it presented a significant challenge for the medical professionals, the boys are able to breathe on their own, communicate with their surroundings, eat independently of one another, respond emotionally to members of their family, and even engage in cooperative play.

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