When the music begins, the crowd stops laughing at the big person who was…

When John Lindo and his companion Deborah Szekely first appeared on the stage for West Coast Swing competitions in the 1990s, people did not have very high hopes for them.

It’s all due to the dancer’s own towering physical size, to be honest.

Yet he and his dancing partner had such good luck that they were able to walk away with the trophy as the winners of the tournament!

John had one of those days that helped lead to his current level of fame and acclaim.

Observing Lindo is a pleasurable experience. The country-western music style was the impetus for him to start dancing more than twenty years ago, so you could say that it was the beginning of his dancing career.

After that, he had an interest in West Coast Swing, which catapulted him to popularity very quickly in that scene.

Dancing as a couple, such as the West Coast Swing, calls for complete and total harmony between the participants.

According to what the name suggests, this type of dance originated on the western coast of the United States.

According to the history of West Coast Swing, the dance’s current form was originally performed in the 1960s as a tribute to Lindy Hop. This interpretation of West Coast Swing was the dance’s first appearance.

Since it was first uploaded in 2008, a video of Lindo performing a dance has been viewed by nearly 9.5 million people worldwide.

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