After their trip to Disney got canceled, a 10-year-old girl makes her own version of Disney World for her younger brother… Watch the video below…

Due to the COVID-19 issue, people all over the world were forced to change their travel and vacation plans.

In April, when the epidemic was sweeping over the nation, a young child was forced to cancel his trip to Disney World for his eighth birthday.

This was one of the many travel and vacation plans that had to be changed.

Ella Olsen, who is 10 years old and Sam’s older sister, is, happily, the greatest there is in all of the universe.

According to Angela Olsen, who revealed that “she spent approximately six weeks planning this for him,” the day with a Magic Kingdom-themed celebration took place in their previous residence, which was located in northern Minnesota at the time.

Ella went to great lengths to ensure that her younger brother’s birthday celebration was a lavish one.

There were four different ride experiences, an ice cream cart that served Mickey Bars, and there was even background music that was styled after Disney.

“It got incredibly authentic once Sam put on his Magic Band,” Olsen added. “Once Sam put on his Magic Band.”

She fashioned a cardboard box, which swiftly rose to prominence in the marketplace.

Before embarking on a “trip” together, Ella’s mother depicted a unique experiential scenario on each of her daughter’s two sides of the canvas.

The video that Sam’s mother posted to Instagram of her son riding “Splash Mountain” has been viewed by thousands of people since it was published.

Olsen remarked that she has been “completely floored” by the amount of attention that her video has received since she first released it in September.

“Ella is thrilled to hear that it brought happiness to other people. Sam and she have an intense love for one another.

What a beautiful way to commemorate her little brother’s birthday and turn a difficult situation into something worthwhile all at the same time!

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