A 9-year-old piano genius impresses the judges on America’s Got Talent… But in the end he did something surprising and this happened to him…

An incredible debut is taking place right now, and it features some tremendous talent, some excellent repertoire, and some… performances that aren’t quite up to par.

Obviously, the whole thing makes me pleased. Up until now, let’s review.

This young man from Atlanta had me battling for air within the first few seconds of his performance. I was impressed.

Young prodigy Adrian Romoff is an accomplished pianist, in addition to his many other talents. He is nine years old at this point.

Both of them were nine years old at the time. Who wants to place a wager on what grade this boy, who is nine years old, is currently in?

The tenth grade is about to begin for him very soon. When his classmates have completed middle school, he will already be enrolled in college.

Adrian asserts that he possesses a knack in science in addition to his ability to play the piano. Adrian Romoff, you are a man after my own heart.

I admire that about you. Everyone who has even a passing interest in science!

You may see how Adrian Romoff expresses his emotions through music in the video that is located at the top of this page.

My best comment made by Adrian last evening was in response to Heidi Klum’s question, “Is he too smart?” (willfully ignoring a number of other people’s arguments), Adrian responded right away by saying, “According to the fact that there are.”

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