For Halloween, a kind mother transforms her daughter’s wheelchair into the Cinderella carriage… But what happened next surprised everyone…

Roslyn Breen and her parents, Justin Green and Tiffany Green, make their home in Comstock Park, in the state of Michigan.

Tiffany believes that Roslyn is the most shining star in their family, and as a result, her family is completely devoted to taking care of her.

Santa Claus is transported by pilots to a hospital for children.

The young lady was diagnosed as having arthrogryposis in its broadest sense. Her muscles were weak, and her joints were rigid.

Because of this, the girl was unable to stand or walk after the accident.

Her joy was unaffected by the fact that she was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

Her mother and father, being responsible parents, did everything in their power to ensure that their little princess was content almost all of the time.

During Halloween, Rosly completely changes into a real-life princess.

Her mother commissioned the transformation of her wheelchair into something like the magical carriage from the story of Cinderella.

She exudes beauty and happiness all at once.

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