This woman started her career in 1957 and is now considered to be the world’s longest-serving flight attendant… You won’t believe it when you see how old is she…

Even if one only stays in the same job for ten years, this might be considered a success.

Yet, employees who have been with the same company for more than half a century surely deserve their part of the credit for the success of the business.

Bette Nash has been achieving great success in her professional life for more than 65 years.

Bette Nash has a reason to be happy about this. She has worked for American Airlines for over 65 years, making her an experienced employee.

In 1957, the woman who was born and raised in Boston became a stewardess! Since then, she has embarked on journeys of several thousands of miles throughout the world on an annual basis.

She has approximately 65 years of experience working as a flight attendant, making her the person who holds the Guinness World Records title for the longest-serving flight attendant.

Bette’s continued employment with the airline may be at least partially explained by the fact that she is given the opportunity to select the specific route she takes.

Bette has spent the most of her career working for the New York–Boston–Washington, D.C. shuttle, and she has not wavered from this commitment.

The rationale that she provides for her choice is quite moving. The reason for this is that the route makes it possible for her to spend each evening at home with her kid.

In addition to this, she is obligated to be at home with her son because Bette, the boy’s mother, is his primary caretaker due to the condition he was born with.

Bette is also very popular with the passengers of American Airlines. The veteran flight attendant has been working for the airline for a considerable amount of time, so it’s possible that some of the carrier’s more frequent passengers would know her.

A passenger on an aircraft shared their thoughts with the journalists, saying, “I fly hundreds of thousands of miles a year, but these are always my favorite journeys when Bette is on the plane.”

Bette has been the center of attention in the past, and she continues to maintain that status today.

In 2017, she had served as a stewardess with American Airlines for a total of 60 years, making her the oldest stewardess in the history of the profession.

After five years, Bette is the one who retains the record.

She reflects on how much has changed in the airline sector and mentions the fact that passengers used to be provided with cigarettes and matches in the past. Something that we cannot even fathom happening at this point in time.

In addition to this, she spoke about the unattainable beauty standards that stewardesses were expected to meet.

They had to be a certain height and weight, and if they failed to maintain a healthy weight, the company threatened to fire them. If they did not reach the height and weight criteria, they may lose their jobs.

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