Because of Elon Musk, the Grammy-winning song «What You Wanna Say,» which encourages bravery and speaking your thoughts, has left Twitter… See the details…

Sara Bareilles, a vocalist who has won multiple Grammy Awards, asserts that Elon Musk will seize control of Twitter because she has lost her mind.

The song “Brave” that Sarah sang ended up being a huge hit.

In the song, she encourages the listener to “speak what you’d like to say and let the words come out.” I sincerely hope that you’ll be brave enough to share what’s on your mind and say it.

But when the brilliant Elon Musk fights to defend free speech in the United States, which is crucial since losing it would mean losing everything, she lacks the confidence to fight alongside him.

In response, Sarah said, “Welp.

Twitter is a great way to pass the time.

I’m out.

Folks, I’ll catch up with you on one of the other websites.

I’m sorry to say that, but I just can’t get behind this one.

In spite of the fact that she “left,” she continues to have 2.8 million followers, and she hasn’t published anything new since then.

It is not at all likely that she is the only famous person who is upset with Musk.

The producer Ken Olin issued the following threat to his audience of 300,000: “I’m out of here.”

As soon as Elon Musk acquires Twitter, that will be the day I quit using it.

Be impartial.

Keep your positivism.

Help protect our democratic process.

Let’s endeavor to be gentler.

To ensure the survival of our planet, we have no choice but to make all possible effort.

Let’s make an effort to be more thoughtful and helpful to one another.

Before giving them further instructions, he told them, “Let’s endeavor to make the world a better place.” He then led them away from there.

The creator of the television series Billions, Brian Koppelman, advised viewers to “find me on Instagram and the Internet” and stated, “Y’all, honestly.”

The individual stated, “When the deal is practically done, I’m going to try my best to move away from here for a moment or a month,” as their plan.

Earlier in the conversation, he had stated, “I can see why you would want to take an extended holiday from Twitter when EM takes over.”

It would appear that Alex Winter, who played Bill in Bill and Ted, has stopped using the social media platform.

Before he deleted his account entirely, he ensured that all of his followers had access to his contact information by removing all of his postings.

In addition to this, he shared a meme on social media in which Musk, Kanye West, and the late President Donald Trump were represented as the Three Musketeers.

The British actress Jameela Jamil made the statement “Well, he got Twitter” before she deleted her account and then announced that she was leaving Twitter.

Jameela Jamil has achieved a great deal of notoriety thanks to her roles in “The Good Place” and “She-Hulk.”

If it’s at all feasible, this will be my final tweet.

On the other hand, she did return.

Mia Farrow expressed her opinion to us as follows: “I assume if Twitter becomes much worse, with more Trumpy-treasonous lies and rage, it will be taken less seriously, and people like me will resign for peace of mind.”

Rob Reiner, on the other hand, had a change of heart and decided to remain in the fight and see it through to the end.

He advised against leaving Twitter at this time, saying that “This is not the time to exit Twitter if you are attempting to maintain our Constitutional Democracy.”

Now is the moment to vote for the blue candidate!

Check out the video below!

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