The Tabernacle Choir and Angela Lansbury present «Beauty and the Beast» leaving everyone speechless… Just see what happened…

One of the most cherished Disney princess movies is “Beauty and the Beast,” starring Belle and the Beast.

Because of the outstanding score, the movie has gained even greater notoriety in recent years. Angela Lansbury, who also lends her voice to the film, is the one who sings the song that serves as its title.

Angela can be seen standing in front of a big orchestra while dressed in a crimson velvet gown of the deepest possible shade.

The stage is decorated with pink, red, and white flowers in various arrangements. Throughout this song, Angela is accompanied by the Tabernacle Choir.

She starts talking and tells how she was invited to sing this song but declined due to her fears about how she would perform it.

I thought to myself, “Oh my gosh, Is there any way that I could ever give this beautiful song justice? said Angela.

Before she begins to sing, Angela begins by giving a description of how she came up with the voice of “Mrs. Potts” before the orchestra begins to play and the voices of the Tabernacle choir begin to harmonize with one another.

She begins softly and sings by herself; when the song becomes more intense, she raises her hands to match the tempo of the music.

At the second verse, she sings a line, and the choir responds by singing the same line back to her.

The chorus of the song involves everyone in the group singing simultaneously, and the result is really breathtaking.

Angela, who cites Mrs. Potts as saying, “Into the cupboard with you, Chip,” provides the final mellow note by saying that Mrs. Potts said.

You really ought to go to bed right now. She adds, “Goodnight, love,” while smiling and waving her hand.

As the applause resounds across the arena, she gives a warm smile and extends a greeting to the spectators.

The success of the film released in 1991 was heavily influenced by the music written by Alan Menken and the lyrics written by Howard Ashman.

It is difficult to imagine anyone else interpreting this song, despite the fact that Angela Lansbury first hesitated singing it owing to her senior age.

The legendary Angela Lansbury delivered a performance of it in a single take, and ever since then, it has evolved into an enduring standard.

Watch the vide here:

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