Boy who is blind and autistic had a magical encounter with store Santa… Watch the video…

Because Mother was anxious about their visit, she made sure that Santa was well-prepared for their arrival. Yet in the end, he turned it into an experience that she will always remember.

Because it was the best Christmas a mother could have hoped for her child, the post that she shared on social media went viral.

The holiday of Christmas inspires joy and anticipation in the hearts of most children.

From the grins on their faces when they spotted their presents under the tree to the hopes in their little imaginations that Santa would descend down the chimney, everything about Christmas was magical for them.

One of the more common Christmas traditions involves children sharing their wish lists with Santa Claus while sitting on his lap.

Misty Wolf is concerned that her son may not always be able to experience special moments like the one described above.

Matthew was visually impaired and autistic from birth.

Because he was unaware of Santa’s appearance, his excitement level was far lower when they came across one in the shopping mall.

But, when Misty started reading him “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” Matthew began to warm up to the character of the man dressed in the red suit.

Do you have doubts about Christmas? Watch the video below below to get a taste of the magic that Santa brings!

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