Shakira exercises her ailing father’s legs, 91, in an effort to provide physical treatment for him… But see what happened during the exercise that surprised everyone…

Shakira, a musician from Colombia, has had a rough few of weeks due to the fact that her father was readmitted to the hospital.

William Mebarak Chadid, age 91, was initially admitted to the hospital in June. He had been diagnosed with COVID-19 and had suffered a horrific fall prior to that.

In a heartfelt video that the artist just recently shared on her Instagram, the singer of “Don’t You Worry” can be seen assisting her father during his sessions of physical therapy while a doctor watches over them both.

The video was posted by the artist recently.

It is hardly likely that the singer had an easy time juggling her singing career, the responsibilities of her family, and her trips to see her father in the hospital while he was ill.

In the video that was released on November 1st, Shakira shared her thoughts.

And in between trips to the dermatologist and shopping for costumes for Halloween, life happens.

Yet, there is some positive news to report. The singer was seen delighted and kissing her feet as her father lifted her feet off the ground to give her more space to perform.

According to Shakira’s mother, Nidia Ripoll, William’s condition is holding steady at the moment. But, the family is unsure of when he will be discharged from the hospital at this time.

According to Nidia, William received a lot of visitors while he was in the hospital. One of those visitors was apparently Shakira’s ex-boyfriend Gerard Piqué.

What exactly is going on in Gerard Piqué and Shakira’s relationship?

Despite the fact that Piqué told reporters that he and Shakira were still related when he visited William in the hospital, Shakira and Piqué haven’t been seen together in months. Piqué has maintained that they are still related.

Despite the fact that they did not end up being married, Shakira and Piqué were married for a total of 12 years and had two sons named Milan and Sasha during that time.

Shakira said to Elle that she had put an end to her music career in order to accompany Pique to Spain so that she could help him with his soccer career.

She acknowledged that it had involved a significant amount of sacrifice on her part, but that it had also enabled her to be present for her children.

She had the option of moving to the United States, where she would have had a higher chance of finding a job that suited her skills and experience.

In June, dishonorable photographs shot by a student named Clara Chia Marti, who is 23 years old, and taken at the Summerfest Ceranya festival were sadly published in Spanish media.

The result brought an end to the romance, which had lasted for a longer period of time than many marriages in Hollywood.

Shakira acknowledged in September that it was quite difficult for her to explain her circumstances, particularly given that it was the first time she had brought it up since the photographs had been made public.

That has been difficult for me, as well as for my children to do at times. incredible in its difficulty

She asserted that she was overcoming her suffering so that she could be a pillar of support for those who depended on her.

In the future, she was going to make it her top priority to serve as an exemplary example for her children, all of whom looked up to her.

What kind of upbringing do Shakira’s children get?

Shakira is as fleet-footed as a deer when it comes to popping dance moves, and her voice has remained unequaled for decades despite the competition.

She is the first to admit that becoming a mom is the most challenging thing she has ever attempted.

She shared with People that she has had the opportunity to meet leaders from around the world and perform in front of millions of people.

Yet, after she had children, she experienced an even greater sense of unease.

It is difficult to raise two children, and it is even more difficult to do so after a divorce from the child’s other parent.

She views each new day as an opportunity to hone her parenting skills and become a more effective parent.

Yet, it appears that Shakira is doing an excellent job of parenting, since her children have matured into charming young men who have their own unique interests.

While Sasha has taken up karate and has won a competition in the sport, Milan is a talented musician who enjoys surfing. Sasha has even won the tournament.

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