Grandma displays the value of handcrafted goods by selling Frida dolls… But see why she does that…

This grandmother’s story serves as a useful reminder that achievement is always within reach, and that in order to achieve it, we must also support Mexican artists.

In order to achieve this goal, we must also assist Mexican artists.

The story of a grandmother who makes her income by creating and selling “Friditas” has recently gone popular on various social media platforms. life.

Dolls bearing the likeness of the well-known Mexican painter Frida Kahlo are known as “Friditas,” and each one is crafted entirely by hand.

They published some photographs with the following captions: They posted a few photographs on the website with the captions:

Let’s support our senior citizens. Friditas created entirely by hand are being sold by a charming lady on Paseo de la Reforma in the city of Mexico City between the Diana roundabout and the Angel of Independence from noon to six in the afternoon.

Due to the fact that the handcrafted dolls are so attractive and well-made, they have earned a lot of popularity, and many people are interested in purchasing them as soon as they are available.

Not only do the “Friditas” contribute to the feeling and power of Mexico, but they are also a charming addition to collections or gifts, which raises the standard of living for this grandma.

Our country is home to a great deal of ability, but unfortunately, not all of it is ever put to use.

The good news is that thanks to social media, this grandmother will be able to boost sales of her wonderful doll and establish herself in the way that is fitting for her.

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