These Siamese twins were split up 13 years ago and here is what how they look now that they grew up!

The year 2006 saw the arrival of Abby Carlsen and Isabelle’s child in the state of Minnesota. They were identical Siamese twins who shared a chest and an abdominal cavity.

Before their daughters were even born, the girls’ parents had already come to terms with the fact that they would not be having normal twins.

Because to the extremely unusual nature of the children’s illness, the medical staff immediately began looking into ways to safely segregate them from one another.

Rapidly developing curiosity in the infants was exhibited by the local populace as well as the media in the region.

Despite the fact that they were interviewed on many occasions, Jesse and Amy, who are parents, found it tough.

It was incredibly difficult to separate the twins due to the fact that Isabella’s heart was located in Abby’s chest, as well as the fact that some of the girls’ organs were shared by both of them, and others were entangled.

As a direct consequence of this, the decision to have surgery was not an easy one for the parents to make.

Before settling on the optimal surgical methods, the Carlsens had to spend over half a year in discussion and deliberation with members of the medical community.

The treatment was administered at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. The operation lasted for 12 hours, and 17 surgeons took part in it.

In spite of the significant risks that both girls faced, the separation proved to be successful; nonetheless, they were not freed until six months after the event.

Later on, one of the doctors admitted that the procedure of separating one liver into two was the most difficult part of the operation.

Both of the girls’ survival, as well as the outcome of the surgery, can only be described as a miracle.

When the twins were 10 years old, they consented to an interview with a television station and briefly detailed their lives.

They were students in the fourth grade at the time who were residents of North Dakota and took part in gymnastics.

Despite having very different interests and activities as they became older, the sisters continued to be each other’s best friends.

Abby, for one, has no idea how someone could ever mistake them for each other despite the fact that they are twins.

Both Abby and Isabelle have turned their lives around and are now happy, healthy, and successful in school. They are also part of a warm and welcoming family.

The ladies find it difficult to accept that the conjoined Siamese twins are actually them after seeing their infant pictures.

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