This lady marries a rich man 25 years older than her… However, when he passed, what woman did surprise everyone……

Money supports a beautiful lifestyle, but it doesn’t guarantee happiness. Money is rarely involved in our most precious moments.

Sandrine Devillard, a beautiful Parisian, owned four firms in her country, including a real estate agency. In her fine clothes, the blonde woman was always elegant.

Her opulent lifestyle suited her allure. Marcel Amphoux, a gap-toothed farmer in Puy-Saint-Pierre, France, was quirky.

Despite having five residences on valuable land, Amphoux moved to Puy-Saint-Pierre, southeast France, near Serre-Chevalier, a major ski resort. A French publication said he was bearish.

Marcel’s property’s location made it worth millions. Sandrine informed him she wanted his farm when they first met. Villas made from cottages could be very valuable.

Residents paid low rent. Amphoux refused to sell the land, disappointing Devillard.

The attractive Parisian woman asked him out to improve things. Her beauty surprised the eccentric bachelor who rode a bike everywhere and claimed to talk to aliens.

The village was surprised by the marriage after a brief relationship. The people didn’t believe Sandrine’s claims that she loved Marcel.

On a cold, beautiful day in September 2011, Amphoux and Devillard married in Puy-Saint-500-person Pierre’s town hall, surrounded by snow-capped Alps.

Sandrine wore a mauve silk dress and carried flowers.

Alpine peasants jeered the entire wedding ceremony. They hated Devillard, a stranger. Villager Jacques said:

Booed and jeered. Because they knew Marcel, everyone thought Sandrine was after his money and possessions.

Many thought the beautiful realtor was exploiting the scruffy landowner. After complaining that he hated Paris, Amphoux abandoned the honeymoon.

The newlyweds communicated, yet their union was still questioned. Sandrine devised a wonderful plan to convince Marcel of her love and silence the speculators.

She performed “L’appel Du Soleil” in an April 2012 music video (The Call of the Sun). Devillard dances on the mountain meadows.

The song video turned the attractive Parisian into a rustic housewife. Sandrine revealed:

Marcel is ancient or medieval. I’m Parisian. I’m there. I visit my husband whenever possible.

Amphoux discussed his marriage and friendship with Devillard in a June 2012 neighborhood newspaper interview. He also admitted to not hearing from his wife.

Marcel died when his car went into a misty slope in November 2012. The Devillard-friend driver and passenger survived.

The driver was acquitted of manslaughter. Everyone attended the “Hermit of the Alps” funeral. The beautiful 25-year-old widow attended the sad event.

Sandrine allegedly threw herself onto Amphoux’s grave wearing all black to show her love for him. The peasants kept insulting the French woman. Recalling:

Sandrine was often chastised.

French law presumed Devillard would inherit her affluent husband’s wealth. In 2016, Amphoux’s handwritten will was found.

His will left his money to a cousin and the cottages to the current renters. The wealthy recluse left his young and gorgeous bride with nothing.

Sandrine, furious, claimed the will wasn’t written by Marcel. She claimed the new heirs betrayed her trust and tried to extort her.

Hence, she was acquitted. She never won over the villagers.

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