Kelly Clarkson admits that she won’t completely rule out punishing if her children do not listen to her…

Do you have any information? It happens in the place where I was born and reared.

People are gracious in the community in which I was raised; they will hold doors open for you, say “thank you very much,” and ask politely for items.

They also exhibit a significant amount of deference. As long as we are not going to cause our children any physical harm, we are free to choose how we will punish them.

Parenting ideas differ. Some people believe that you are only trying to teach them a lesson when you give them a light spanking, despite the fact that the majority of people consider this to be a kind of child abuse.

Kelly was kind enough to offer her thoughts. Over the course of the conversation, Kelly’s approach to parenting was brought up.

She went on to state that now that she is the stepmother to two older children and the mother of two darling children by the names of River and Remy, she finds that spanking is an excellent way of discipline to use with all of her children.

The acclaimed singer and broadcaster has said that she physically disciplines her children.

She confessed in the interview that she is not above getting spanked, which is something that most people are not like.

I won’t give her a hard time, either. Neither of us will. All I wanted to do was spank. She was honest in her speech.

Because this approach of parenting had been successful for her, she didn’t believe it was appropriate to question or criticize it.

She insisted that her children were safe at all times under her care. She wanted everyone to understand that a spanking is just a spanking, and that her children are in no way suffering as a result of it.

She said that as a native of Fort Worth, Texas, she was raised in an environment where the practice of spanking was commonplace.

That was something that was ingrained in her from a young age. Even yet, she admitted that she had been reprimanded physically when she was a child.

The well-known person is certain, in all honesty, that in order for youngsters to learn how to behave appropriately, there are occasions when they need to be disciplined in this manner.

Discipline concerns are clear. In an interview with ET Canada, she describes how she came across children who were spoilt and showed no signs of having undergone any form of correction in her opinion.

“You know what, wherever I did grow up, that occurs,” she said in a statement to ET Canada.

“And where I did grow up, people are pleasant and they open a door, and they express gratitude to you, and they ask respectfully, and they are courteous.”

This is not something that is typically done. However, she did mention that she does not immediately hit the children when they misbehave.

Before she smacks them, she gives them a warning. She displays an impressive amount of tolerance when dealing with her children.

I will not give in to her! I want to warn you that what you’re doing is completely insane, and if you don’t stop it right immediately, I’m going to slap your behind.

Contrary to what many people believe, she never had any intention of harming, controlling, or otherwise badly affecting her children in any way.

She is using it as a kind of punishment now since she employed it herself when she was younger, and she is certain that it is effective.

Only a few may be found here. But, she also said that as a well-known person, she is conscious of the time and how inappropriate it would be for her to spank her children in public because of how inappropriate it would be for her to do so.

Kelly told Audacy, “That’s a tough issue because then people are like, you know, they think it’s mad or something like,” but she doesn’t see anything horribly wrong with a spanking.

“That’s a tricky issue because then people are like, you know, they think it’s insane or something like.”

We all have our own strategies for teaching our children appropriate behavior, and we are all aware of which ones are effective and which ones are ineffective.

Each and every circumstance is unique. We want nothing but the best for our children, and that includes raising them to be good individuals who are considerate of others and nice to others.

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