This student starts to cry at his graduation ceremony because… The reason will surprise you…

A young man who had recently graduated was overcome with grief since his parents had let him down by not being there for his big day. Jeric Rivas was not one of the family members that God cast away like he did.

He admitted to everyone on social media that he never really felt that his parents were by his side when he needed them the most, and he did this.

Even though he is an excellent student and puts in a lot of effort, his family has never witnessed him being recognized for his achievements in school.

Jeric said that he was awarded a medal for achieving the highest grade in his elementary school class, but none of his family members were present when the ceremony took place to witness it.

During yet another event for the high school, he asked a fellow student to ask their parents to join them on stage and bring them up there.

He made the decision to go away from his hometown so that he might earn a bachelor’s degree in the science of criminology, despite the fact that his family did not support or encourage him in this endeavor.

Jeric was driven to graduate from the prestigious institution he had chosen for himself, so he put in hard effort at a variety of jobs, including at a factory and a quick-service restaurant, as well as in housekeeping.

Jeric was under the impression that his family ought to have been there to witness him receive his confirmation on the same day that he graduated from high school, but this did not take place.

On social media, he detailed the heartbreaking moment by writing, “I simply felt like my tears were pouring, and I just sat on the side,” adding the words, “I feel jealous.”

God had a magnificent plan for him even though he was crying and sitting on the side of the stage while it was happening.

Because of the amount of effort that Jeric Rivas put into his schoolwork and the fact that none of Jeric’s family members were able to attend his graduation, one of Jeric’s teachers decided to take a path that was not expected.

As Jeric approached the podium to earn his graduation, his instructor greeted him with a bear hug.

He was not by himself.

His teachers and classmates were very happy of him and encouraged him to continue to do well.

Jeric took the time to thank all of those who contributed to his accomplishments on social media, notably his mother and father.

He received emails of love and encouragement from total strangers from all over the world.

Jeric is the first child in his family to graduate high school. He did so before any of his siblings.

His parents’ lack of interest in his accomplishment wounded him, but God gave him with support from folks he didn’t know, which made him glad on his big day.

His parents’ lack of interest in his accomplishment hurt him.

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