This guy gets a haircut and looks completely different now! Check out the pictures here!

A Brazilian man named Joo Coelho Guimares, who was 45 years old, was having problems. As a direct consequence of this, he is now unemployed and living on the streets.

When he ran out of food, he had no choice but to search for leftovers to eat.

For an entire period of three years, he had no home to call his own.

Joo gathered bottles with the intention of selling them to various recycling facilities. The majority of the bottles were stored in Alessandro Lobo’s barbershop, which was one of his businesses.

Joo approached the barbershop in a hesitant manner and inquired as to whether or not they possessed any razors or scissors that could be used for cutting beards.

They were concerned about the facial hair worn by the homeless people. He wished there was some way to get rid of it.

Alessandro was taken aback by the man’s sensitivity as well as his hesitancy and his ability to communicate. He had a solid academic background.

The proprietor of a local barbershop hosted a day of free haircuts and other services for the area’s unhoused population.

Recently, Joo altered both his hairstyle and his overall appearance. His personality changed completely in an instant.

Alessandro was granted permission by Joo to post before-and-after images of Joo’s metamorphosis on social media.

Alessandro was the one who dressed Joo, providing her with both clothes and footwear. The man living on the streets thanked Alessandro and expressed his delight that he was finally starting to feel normal again.

Alessandro recounted the events and showed the image of Joao to the audience. The adjustment made by this individual received a lot of praise.

Nevertheless, one comment in particular struck out to me. The homeless man was known to the mother and the sister.

I hadn’t communicated with Joo in over a decade! At the moment, both the mother and the sister of the family were not present.

As soon as they learned that Joo was still alive, they immediately began making preparations to find him and bring him back.

Alessandro pursued the stray throughout the neighborhood. When his book was released, he rose to the level of a local celebrity, and people started to recognize him.

The mother and sister showed up as scheduled. A picnic was enjoyed by all members of the family. The strength of the internet is largely responsible for this phenomenon.

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