Etta James performs a 1961 hit on the «Voice Senior…» The judges are amazed…

Rita Roeland, now 65 years old, had long since given up on the idea of pursuing a career in singing when her daughter persuaded her to take part in an audition nevertheless.

The song “At Last” by Etta James was the one that Rita choose to sing on an episode of The Voice of Vlaanderen.

This Belgian talent from Herzele delivered one of the most impressive performances that has ever been seen on The Voice Senior, and all four coaches were blown away by it.

When Rita finally took control of the stage, her love for singing unleashed vocal brilliance that made all of the judges sit up and pay attention.

Rita needed some time to relax and let her voice flow freely so that she could perform at her best.

Helmut Lotti was the first judge to turn, and the other two judges did so practically instantaneously after he did. As it turned out, Rita’s decision to join Team Lotti was pure serendipity.

This undiscovered singer-songwriter choose to record a cover version of a song that was previously recorded by legendary performers such as Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin, and Beyoncé.

At Rita Roeland’s audition for The Voice Senior, she astonished everyone by displaying that she possessed a voice and range on par with the greats.

She also rewarded listeners with an easy harmony that sounds excellent when she performed the traditional ballad “At Last.”

Watch the video below…

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