This young girl received one of the last letters from the Queen! Here is what it says…

The unpredictability of our life is something that has positive and negative repercussions for us.

Although while some unanticipated occurrences may be distressing, it is always a cause for celebration when life manages to surprise us in a positive way.

These are the kinds of things that can put a smile on our face even on the worst of days.

She couldn’t contain her excitement when the workers at the post office told the young girl in today’s story that they had a special letter for her to read.

The Queen was able to view the little girl’s message and the drawings she had drawn, and she wrote back to her in the form of a letter that was enclosed in the envelope.

When Olivia Akers wore a military costume that was being modeled by the Trooping the Colors ceremony, she had no idea that Queen Elizabeth II would take notice of her.

She was modeling the uniform for the ceremony. It all started when her mother, Natalie Akers, became aware of a costume competition that was taking place in the United Kingdom.

After hearing about the competition online, Natalie did not waste any time and got in touch with the organizers.

She inquired about the possibility of an Australian applicant being accepted in the event that Olivia was given the opportunity to take part in the competition.

She waited for a response that was good before beginning to get Olivia’s attire ready to wear.

To achieve her goal of her daughter appearing to be the queen, Natalie coordinated every aspect of the ensemble, from the crimson military uniform to the white gloves.

She painstakingly recreated her clothing in the hopes that her young daughter would win first place in the competition.

Olivia climbed atop Lady, her pony, in order to have her picture taken. As soon as Natalie was satisfied with the photographs, she sent them off to the people who were organizing the contest.

Unfortunately, Olivia was not successful.

Yet, Natalie did not let all of that effort to go in vain. In June of 2022, Olivia wrote a letter to the queen, and Natalia mailed it along with photographs of Olivia and her sister in the expectation that Her Majesty would receive the gift. Olivia penned:

My name is Olivia Akers, your Majesty, and I am Queen Elizabeth’s servant. I was born in the town of Tallygaroopna in Australia, and I am currently eight years old.

The young lady wrote a letter to the queen, in which she questioned the monarch on whether or not she really did eat marmalade sandwiches.

Olivia also questioned the queen about whether or not she owned any horses. She explained to the queen that her pony was from Australia, but the saddle in the picture was from England. Olivia penned:

In celebration of your golden jubilee, an online contest for horse-themed costumes has been established, and I’ve included some of the entries here.

After sending her letter, Olivia did, in fact, wait for a response from the recipient. As the days turned into weeks, and then into months, the young kid continued to inquire of her mother whether or not the mailman had delivered the letter from the queen to her.

As Olivia and Natalie awoke on September 9, 2022, they were shocked to learn that the Queen had gone away the night before.

As a result, they gave up hope of ever receiving a letter from her. They were unaware that the Tallygaroopna Post Office had “a very important letter” waiting for them there when they arrived there.

Once Olivia had left for school that morning, Natalie checked to see if she had any mail by going to the post office to see if she had any.

When the servants informed her about the letter from the Queen, she was completely taken aback. As she was so excited, she didn’t waste any time and headed straight to Olivia’s school with the package. Natalie came clean and said:

When we found out that it was probably one of her final letters, we were all left with a bittersweet feeling after seeing such a heartfelt letter appear in the mail.

Olivia eagerly opened the letter in front of her classmates and read it aloud to them as she did so. Annabelle Whitehead, who was serving as the matron of honor, signed her name to the letter.

She expressed her gratitude to Olivia for the communication and mentioned that the queen was “interested” in viewing Olivia’s photographs.

Whitehead extended his gratitude to Olivia for her thoughtful communication one more time and said, “Her Majesty was moved to learn that you, too, have a passion for horseback riding.”

The letter, which had been mailed on August 25 and arrived at the Tallygaroopna Post Office on the same day that the Queen passed away, bore the date “August 25.” Nicola said:

The timing is really absolutely incredible.

Natalie made the following observation: “I have no doubt that Olivia will hold on to this letter for the rest of her life.”

Admirers of the royal family consider Olivia to be among the lucky few who were able to communicate with the queen in her final days. She was one of the few people who received a response from the monarch.

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