This kid speaks 7 languages at the age of 4 and here is the reason behind it! Watch the video below…

The digitally connected world of today has transformed the ability to speak multiple languages from a luxury or a privilege reserved for a select few into more of a necessity.

When you become fluent in multiple languages, you open up a whole new world of culture and information for you to investigate.

Because she is aware that overcoming the barrier of language is the last thing that needs to be done, this young lady demonstrates that there is nothing that cannot be accomplished in the sphere of communication.

Bella Devyatkina is a charming young girl from Mosu, Russia, who fluently communicates in seven different languages.

She was featured on the Russian television show “Amazing People,” where she demonstrated her skills.

She was able to speak fluently seven different languages, with native speakers passing the most challenging tests.

Bella is fluent in a number of languages, including but not limited to the following: English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, French, German, and Arabic.

Everyone was taken aback by the stunning combination of Bella’s two lovely pigtails, velvet vest, and plaid skirt. Also, she earned the respect of all.

She was able to carry on conversations with members of the audience in the most unforced and natural way possible.

Although though the young girl takes anywhere from two to four classes each week for a total of six hours per day, her mother makes sure that she does not become overworked in any way.

They use the natural method, in which the young girl participates in games with other children and learns the language by interacting with people who are native to the country.

The young girl’s mother was very interested in her daughter’s linguistic growth throughout her childhood.

From the moment Bella was born, her mother began teaching her English and conversing with her in both English and Spanish.

This is the point at which everything got started. After observing the remarkable success that her daughter was making in each language, her parents gradually introduced additional language-learning opportunities into her daily routine.

A wide array of nannies from other countries look after Bella. The fact that Bella is able to communicate in multiple languages despite not having her nannies dedicated solely to that task is a testament to the power of play, books, and encyclopedias geared for children.

Bella is a happy young child who, like any other young child, engages in social interaction and enjoys having fun with her peers.

The mother wants to reassure everyone that her daughter is not a linguistic genius or prodigy; rather, they have invested a significant amount of time and effort into assisting her in developing her communication skills.

Yulia Devyatkina, Bella’s mother, is of the opinion that any child can easily learn two or three foreign languages, and that not all children need to be able to speak six different languages.

Yulia is a linguist who has more than seven years of experience teaching English to children in the elementary and secondary levels.

Because her father works at the Moscow Radio Research Center, the two of them have a salary that is comparable to the national average, but he has made the decision to prioritize his daughter’s development.

All that Bella knows she has picked up from playing games.

Her parents organize activities with native speakers of each language for her to participate in so that she can broaden her understanding of the world through her linguistic abilities.

In addition to enjoying animated television in Mandarin, Bella is also a member of a theatrical organization that performs in English, takes classes in French painting, Spanish dancing, German ice skating, and German, and studies Spanish. This girl is just stunning.

Watch the video here:

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