At a jazz event, a young child impresses everybody by improvising on a toy trumpet…

A young man by the name of Boone stands out as one of the most illustrative examples of a person who gives off the impression of having music coursing through their veins.

Boone Anthony has a mother whose name is Stefanie Anthony. While a mother and her kid were out on a walk, they came across a band that was performing live, and the young boy’s reaction really left everyone in awe.

The family is originally from the city of Pensacola in the state of Florida in the United States. It was the jazz band called “Where Ya At Brass,” and they had been performing since they formed in 2010.

Since then, they have performed in both clubs and on the streets.

They have received many honors over the years, but very few are as unforgettable as the look on little Boone’s face when he decided to join them and start appreciating his music to the fullest when he made the decision to do so.

New Orleans was the destination of choice for the vacation that Boone and his father were taking. When Stefanie noticed that her son was quite excited to listen to the live music, she made the decision to go a little bit closer to the stage.

She had no idea that her son’s deepest wish was to become a member of the band and play a toy trumpet as an accompaniment.

When he had the chance, he improvised his performance by making use of whatever was closest to him at the time.

This heartwarming moment was captured on camera, and it shows the cute infant enjoying the music more than anyone else while playing his toy trumpet.

The film has already been viewed by more than seven million people all around the world. The astute child watches the professional trumpet player perform while standing next to him and immediately begins copying the movements he makes with his hips.

The members of the band are all amazed by the one-of-a-kind fan that they have recently gained, so they do nothing more than play music with him and treat him like he is a member of the group.

The first year of Boone’s existence has now officially come to a close.

A resounding round of applause is given to the band as well as to the charming Boone, who has shown that he possesses the potential to be musically talented.

It was repeatedly suggested to Stefanie that she should get her kid involved in music classes so that he may pursue a career in the field of music.

On her Facebook page, Stefanie posted the hilarious video, and while she was there, she took the opportunity to compliment the band on the great vibe that they create.

From the moment he was born, it seemed inevitable that Boone would develop a passion for music. When some time has passed, it is likely that we will continue to hear about him.

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