This baby girl is the second biggest child in the UK… Look at how much she weighs…

On April 16, 2021, Emilia was born to Amber Cumberland, who was 21, in Aston, Oxfordshire, UK, and she weighed more than 6 kilograms at birth.

In spite of the fact that the scan only showed one pregnancy, Amber appeared to have an extremely large tummy, which caused the doctors to suspect that she might be carrying twins.

«Because of her height, the doctors suspected that she was carrying twins; nevertheless, the ultrasound only showed one baby in her womb.

Because we had heard so much about it, we began to entertain the possibility that there was perhaps another one over there.

Scott Joy, who is Emilia’s father and also Amber’s husband, had to wait in the parking lot of John Radcliffe Hospital for a total of 42 hours in the three days leading up to the delivery of their daughter since he was not allowed to be in the same area as Amber.

Amber was in labor for two weeks before she needed an emergency C-section. During that time, she was home alone for 24 hours before the procedure was necessary.

“It took two people to pull her out during the C-section and one person to hold everything down.”

We were fortunate enough to have additional clothing sized 0-3 months, and the hospital staff had to search the pediatrics department for larger nappies for us to use.

According to Amber, hospital staff even stopped by to weigh the baby and take pictures with her because she was so big.

They even took pictures with her. Amber is making some headway on the road to recovery, but she still has a ways to go before she is entirely well again.

She is currently on a waiting list to participate in the physical therapy that will help her severely strained abdominal muscles.

Amber reported that there were still areas of her skin around her navel that were completely numb.
Because of the injury to the abdominal muscles, I can’t risk opening the stitches in any way, so I have to be very careful.

The fact that Emilia is so hefty prevents me from being able to carry her or nurse her, but I am making steady progress.

We cannot contain our excitement over the arrival of our adorable newborn baby. Emilia, who was born in 2012 and weighed 6.463 kg, is the second-largest baby ever to be born in the United Kingdom.

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