Comedian Amy Schumer says, «This was the toughest week of my life since my Son… See what happened to their son…

Comedian Amy Schumer remarked that “this was the worst week of my life,” and she called it “the worst week of my life.”

Amy Schumer shares some troubling new information about her child, who is now 3 years old, which is, regrettably, extremely terrible news.

Amy Schumer has revealed that her son Gere, who is three years old, was taken to the emergency room earlier this week. The infant was found to be infected with RSV, which is also known as the respiratory syncytial virus.

The actress and comedian, who is 41 years old and hosted “Saturday Night Live” earlier that day, updated her followers on Instagram with new information about her son’s condition many hours later.

The first thing that she said in the post was, “This was the hardest week of my life.”

On Thursday, my son was taken to the emergency room and hospitalized with RSV, so I was unable to attend the rehearsals. I want to send my best wishes and greetings to all of the parents who are going through this right now.

She stated, “I was able to spend the entire day with him in the hospital, and the wonderful people at NBCSNL could not have been more helpful.”

She then expressed her gratitude to the medical staff, particularly the doctors and nurses, who had helped her son during his treatment.

As the concluding sentence of the blog post, Schumer wrote, “A shout-out to all the parents who are presently going through this.”

During this viral season, it looks that RSV is spreading across the country and affecting youngsters the most.

Although the condition most commonly presents itself with symptoms comparable to a cold, it is still possible for more serious symptoms to emerge.

Schumer reported that Gene is currently recovering at home and is making fantastic progress.

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