A Heartwarming Video of a 5-Year-Old Supporting Her Mom During a Panic Attack Goes Viral. WATCH

The power of a child’s compassion was showcased in a touching video that has taken the internet by storm. When her mom experienced a panic attack, young Noella stepped in with a technique she had learned, creating a beautiful moment captured on camera.

Despite never being taught how to handle panic attacks, 5-year-old Noella utilized a method her parents often used on her. In a TikTok video that has garnered over 24 million views, Noella saw her distressed mom, Kimberlee Bushman, and extended her hand. Following the technique, her mom blew out her fingers one by one, as if they were candles. The heartwarming clip concludes with a hug between mother and daughter.

The video’s comments overflowed with praise for both the mother and child, commending their handling of the situation. One user wrote, “By exposing her to a difficult situation, she has developed into an empathetic soul.”

Days after the video went viral, Kimberlee posted a follow-up TikTok video, providing more insight into the incident. She clarified that her daughter is not relied upon to calm her down in any situation. Kimberlee explained that she had already managed to calm herself down before the sweet interaction took place. It was the first time her daughter had ever assisted her in such a manner. Kimberlee shared, “When she saw me struggling, similar to how she sometimes struggles with her own emotions, she came up to me and asked if I wanted to blow out the candles like we do for her.”

Dealing with panic attacks involves addressing both the mental and physical symptoms. Nausea, sweating, dizziness, and the feeling of having a heart attack are common physical manifestations. However, these symptoms are not dangerous.

Experts emphasize the importance of not allowing the fear of panic attacks to control one’s life and advise against seeking distractions. They encourage individuals to ride out the attack and continue with their activities, confronting their fears. By not running away, they give themselves an opportunity to realize that nothing catastrophic will occur.

During sudden panic attacks, the comforting presence of another person assuring that it will pass can be invaluable.

Numerous celebrities have openly discussed their own struggles with mental health. Ryan Reynolds, known for his role in “Deadpool,” has candidly shared his battle with anxiety and its profound impact on him.

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