Florida Python Hunter Snags Record-Breaking 19-Foot Beast. Watch the Video Here.

A young python hunter from Florida has made headlines by capturing the longest Burmese python ever recorded in the state. The remarkable reptile measured a whopping 19 feet in length and weighed a hefty 125 pounds. The extraordinary discovery was made by 22-year-old Jake Waleri, who brought the colossal serpent to the Conservancy of Southwest Florida to have its measurements officially recorded.

In a display of his impressive skills, Waleri was caught on an Instagram video expertly handling the massive python. He first grabbed it by the tail, then skillfully secured its neck, engaging in a wrestling match with the pre-historic-looking beast before receiving assistance from others to subdue the reptile. The capture marks a significant achievement for the young hunter and highlights the ongoing efforts of the Conservancy in dealing with the invasive Burmese pythons that have become apex predators in Florida.

These invasive pythons have become a concern due to the risks they pose to humans and the local ecosystem. However, Florida residents are allowed to kill the pythons without a permit, as long as they do so humanely, in accordance with the law. Despite the challenges posed by these creatures, the Conservancy and individuals like Waleri are actively working to protect South Florida’s environment and preserve its delicate ecosystem.

Over the past decade, the Conservancy has been on a mission to remove the Burmese python population from the region. They have made significant progress, having already removed an astonishing 30,000 pounds of these snakes from approximately 150 square miles in southwestern Florida. Waleri’s contribution to this conservation effort demonstrates the dedication and passion shared by those committed to safeguarding the region’s biodiversity.

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