When a Rescue Pit Bull Thinks It’s a Cat: Climbing Up the Fridge and All! Tap Here For Hilarious Video.

In an adorable and surprising story, a rescue pit bull named Mako has defied expectations by becoming best friends with two cats. Despite the common belief that pit bulls and cats don’t get along, Mako has embraced his feline pals and even thinks he’s a cat himself!

When Bethany and Samantha Callister adopted Mako, they weren’t sure how he’d get along with their two cats, Pecan and Gizmo. But much to their delight, Mako quickly became close buddies with the cats and started imitating their behaviors.

He fearlessly climbs to high places, like tables and cabinets, just like the cats. Mako enjoys being around his feline friends all the time and even plays with a cat-like toy in the backyard. He’s truly embraced his inner cat!

Despite the stereotypes associated with pit bulls, Mako’s story reminds us that animals can surprise us with their unique personalities and bonds. The Callisters went to the rescue looking for a dog, but they ended up with an extraordinary “cat” instead. It goes to show that you can’t judge an animal by its breed or species. Sometimes, the most unexpected friendships can bring so much joy and love.

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