Beauty icon Bridget Fonda has changed drastically over the years and here is what she looks like now…

Paparazzi recently spotted Bridget Fonda after a lengthy absence.

Known as a beauty icon throughout the 80s and 90s, Fonda captivated audiences not only with her acting prowess but also with her charm and elegance.

Her career began at the tender age of 5, but it was at 18 that she rose to prominence.

Since the year 2000, however, she has been notably absent from the silver screen, much to the dismay of her fans.

In 2003, she married Danny Elfman, with whom she now shares a son.

Her sudden retreat from public life left many puzzled, leading to speculation that she might have chosen to prioritize her family over her career.

For years, little was known about Fonda’s whereabouts or why she had chosen to step away from Hollywood.

Thus, when paparazzi finally managed to capture her on the street, fans were left in disbelief.

The beloved actress appeared almost unrecognizable, with a fuller figure, disheveled appearance, and graying hair, a far cry from her former glamorous self.

This unexpected transformation left fans questioning their perceptions of the once-stunning actress.

Did you manage to recognize her? What are your thoughts on her current appearance?

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