Speculation regarding Kate Middleton’s health status prompts a response from the Palace…

Kate Middleton has remained out of the public eye since Christmas, with the Palace announcing last January that she would be recuperating until Easter following abdominal surgery.

Despite efforts to quell speculation about her health, rumors abound, prompting Kensington Palace to address the issue.

The royal family aims to maintain discretion regarding Kate Middleton’s health concerns.

Following her abdominal surgery announcement on January 17, Kensington Palace stated that she had spent two weeks at the London Clinic before being discharged on January 29 to continue her recovery at Adelaide Cottage.

Despite this, the lack of leaked photos since then has fueled various theories online, prompting the Palace to issue a statement.

In an attempt to dispel rumors about her recovery, a spokesperson for Kate Middleton spoke to Page Six, emphasizing that the Palace had outlined the timeline for her recuperation in January and would only provide significant updates.

The spokesperson reiterated that the Princess of Wales is progressing well. However, no further details were provided about the specifics of Kate Middleton’s surgery.

The Windsors have been notably secretive at the beginning of the year, exemplified by Prince William’s last-minute absence from a tribute to Constantine II at St George’s Chapel on February 27.

Despite being the godson of the deceased and scheduled to read during the ceremony, Prince William’s sudden departure was attributed to “personal reasons,” with no further explanation given.

Royal biographer Phil Dampier acknowledged the royal family’s right to privacy but noted the heightened scrutiny given recent health concerns surrounding Charles III and Kate Middleton.

He expressed concern that the lack of justification for Prince William’s withdrawal could lead to unfounded speculation.

Meanwhile, Richard Fitzwilliam, an expert, described the royal family’s silence as fuel for conspiracy theorists.

Among the more outlandish theories circulating online are suggestions that Kate Middleton is Banksy or undergoing some experiment reminiscent of Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompa transformation.

More serious speculations range from nervous breakdowns to impending divorce between Kate Middleton and Prince William.

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