Shakira talked about the rumors about her and Tom Cruise for the first time and you will not believe what she said…

Lately, there’s been a surge of interest among internet users regarding Shakira’s personal life.

For the first time, Shakira addressed the swirling rumors about her connection with Tom Cruise.

It’s no surprise that whenever the singer is spotted with a man, fans quickly speculate about a romantic involvement.

Recently, she was photographed with Tom Cruise while watching the Formula 1 race from the VIP box in Miami.

Following this, sources from the actor’s circle began suggesting his keen interest in a relationship with Shakira.

However, according to recent revelations by journalists, Shakira isn’t currently seeking romantic entanglements.

Speaking to Us Weekly, insiders emphasized that Shakira found amusement in the rumors of her alleged romance with Tom.

They clarified that while Shakira and Tom indeed had a good time together, it doesn’t signify anything beyond friendship.

“Shakira isn’t looking to date Tom,” the insider stated firmly.

Reportedly, after her 11-year relationship with Gerard Piqué ended, Shakira decided to take a break from romance, a decision that is quite understandable.

“Tom was lovely, and she enjoyed his company. But for now, Shakira isn’t entertaining the idea of starting any relationship, whether it’s with Tom or anyone else,” the source affirmed.

It’s suggested that following her split from Gerard Piqué, Shakira is focusing on her children and career.

These speculations are somewhat supported by the fact that shortly after being seen with Tom Cruise, Shakira was spotted enjoying herself with another eligible bachelor, Lewis Hamilton.

Hence, it’s entirely possible that Shakira was simply enjoying herself during the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami without any romantic intentions.

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